The Long Lost Nid Graveyard

A much closer game this time, pitting 1,500 points of Orks against 1,500 points of Nids. The scenario was as follows:

Filled with dangers both geological and biological, no expedition has ever survived the legendary Lost Graveyard of the Nids. Yet the planet is also said to conceal perhaps the greatest secret of the Tyranid race: the DNA of the now extinct Fexisaurus Invicibulus.

In Tyranid hands, the genetic blueprints could allow the terrifying beasts to once more be bread for war. In the hands of the Orks, that same information could be used to develop a counter-weapon… or even to breed the fearsome aberrations for very large Orkish barbecues.

And so, with so much at stake, two armies deployed amid the jungles, swamps, and volcanoes of this fetid, inhospitable planet to do battle to the death…

Special Rules

At the start of each turn, a player rolls a D6:

1. No effect.

2. A school of ravenous Tyropiranha appear in a random river section. From now on, this section, and any adjacent to it, are treated as dangerous terrain. (If two schools appear in the same or adjacent sections, they devour each other and both are removed.)

3. A swarm of blood-sucking Vampinid Bats appear in a random section of jungle. They will attack any unit in the woods: I4 S3 T3 A3 W3 (swarm). (If two swarms appear in the same terrain piece, they devour each other and both are removed.)

4. A random lava spout hurls smoke, rocks, and magma into the air. Resolve as S5 AP6 small blast hit centered on the spout, and roll for possible scatter (2d6).

5. Localized earth tremors make movement difficult. Choose one enemy unit (other than a flyer). Next turn, all of its movement counts as difficult.

6. One random lava spout explodes, creating a giant crater. Resolve as S6 AP 2 large blast centered on the spout. Remove the spout: the entire area covered by the template becomes difficult terrain (crater).

It was a fairly close game up until the final turn, when the combined weight of Fexes hitting my front lines and once-dead Gaunts appearing at his baseline to resecure objectives (damn that “Without Number” rule) tipped it in my opponent’s favour.


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