Lacking the resources to purchase a Stompa from the usual sources, Warboss Glarsnot Bloodcurdle had his Meks assemble one from mail-order parts. The fearsome GingeStompa was born.

Soon thereafter, it (and its Space Marine allies) confronted a combined 4,000 point Apocalypse army of Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines, in what was to become known throughout the galaxy as Orkmas Slaughter 2009:

Twas two days after Orkmas,
and all ‘cross da land,
deyr wuz mighty explosionz—
da the invasion began!

Four armies arrived, see
in teams two-by-two
to give da old ruins
a good looking-through.

Six objectives dey fought for:
a city of wrecks
two bunkers, two bridges,
and a refinery complex.

Both teams had da lines
behind which dey began
as per da rules laid out
in da Apocalypse plan.[1]

Da south of da battlefield
wuz a vast burning lake
of chemical sludge
limiting moves dey could take.[2]

Dis meant dat a player
could not use da lake
fur flank marches or similar
moves he might take.

Da Waagh started at ten,
and it lasted ‘til five
At which point they’d see
Who had won (and not died).[3]

[1] We used the Apocalypse deployment rules (complete with bidding for initial deployment time), but with predetermined deployment lines. Each player preselected one Strategic asset from Apocalypse or Apocalypse Reload.

[2] In other words, the only way to get onto the island was to infiltrate there in initial deployment, deepstrike/teleport/etc. fly there, or cross at the bridges. The tunnel strategic asset does not include tunnels placed on the island. The Strategic Redeployment asset could not be used.

[3] Scoring by troop units only, as per 5th edition.

The GingeStompa destroyed two Rhinos, a Landraider, three Carnifexes, half of a Hive Tyrant (and retinue), a half dozen or more Chaos Space Marines, and several Gaunts… all without a scratch. Battle report to follow!


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