Operation Mark-It Green, Den

Since the first Ork landings on Intare, it has been a long, hard struggle to liberate the planet from its human occupiers. Field Marshal Greenard Waaaghgomery, however, has devised an audacious plan to shorten the war and break through enemy lines by seizing the bridge over the Rhinox River at Orkhem (photo right). “Operation Mark-It Green, Den” will involve deep-striking a full division of elite Orkish assault troops behind enemy lines to seize the bridge. Simultaneously, a massive mechanized force will advance from the south, relieving the more lightly-armed assault troops and securing the objective.

If successful, Operation Mark-It Green, Den will provide Supreme Greenskin Commander Glarsnot Bloodcurdle with a pathway into the very heartland of the enemy. The risks of failure are high, however. While Waaaghgomery is convinced that the area is being held only by second-rate Imperial Guard conscripts, he has ignored reports from both Orkish intelligence and local members of the Grotch Resistance (who believes a Grot?) that the battle-hardened Howling Gryphonne 6th Company of the Space Marines have recently deployed near the city to refit.

Will it all prove, as one Warlord is reported to have said after being briefed on the plans, “a Waaagh too far?”

Scenario Rules

Orks versus Space Marines, 2000 pooints a side, using modified PlanetStrike rules. Each player is allowed 2 points of stratagems.

  • The defender is allowed two AV 14 bunkers, one Quad-Gun, plus miscellaneous obstacles.
  • The bridge is AV13 with three structure points. It may be shot at by weapaons, and is also rigged for demolition with three MeltaCharges (meltabomb), with the detonator located in a desgnated bunker or building within 9″. When triggered (by any unit in contact with the detonator), each MeltaCharge detonates on a 3+. If reduced to 2 structure points, the bridge continues as normal. If reduced to 1 structure point, it may not be used by vehicles (except skimmers and bikes). If reduced to zero structure points it is destroyed, as is anything on it and over the river at the time. If the building containing the detonator is destroyed, the charges may not be detonated. An infantry unit on the bridge may also remove one MeltaCharge per turn if not engaged in close combat.
  • The river is impassable, except to those who can fly over it (skimmers, jetbikes, jump infantry) in a single turn. Non-open-topped vehicles are deemed to be amphibious and may attempt a crossing, treating it as difficult/dangerous terrain (a roll of 1 on a d6 = immobilized).  Lacking much in the way of common-sense, an Ork Trukk can attempt a jump.  If it has the available distance to clear the river with a full-out move, it rolls as follows: 1 it is lost (with any passengers); 2, 3, 4 it clears the river, but the vehicle takes D3 penetrating hits; 5,6 it arrives intact.

The sole objective is the bridge:

  • Victory: A player holds both ends.
  • Draw: Any other result (including destruction of the bridge).

Any non-vehicle unit (except walkers) can claim an objective, and any unit can contest one.

The Space Marine defender deploys one half of units (but no vehicles) on the battlefield. The defender may not deploy with 24″ of the southern edge of the battlefield.

The remaining defending units arrive from reserve on Turn 1 (3+), Turn 2 (2+), or Turn 3 (automatic), at a randomly-determined location:

  • 1: southwest bank (within 12” of river)
  • 2: northwest road
  • 3, 4: northern road
  • 5: northeast road
  • 6: southeast bank (within 12” of river)

The attacking Orks move first, and may begin with a Firestorm of D6+2 missiles hurled down onto the battlefield from an Ork Rok and Kill Kroozers in orbit above the planet.

All greenskin units are held in reserve, and are diced for as above. Infantry and koptas may deepstrike, while vehicles must arrive from the southern board edge. When an infantry unit is destroyed, the Orks may attempt to bring a similar unit of reinforcements on the board, needing a 4+ each turn. Only one such unit of reinforcements may be received during the game.

Each greenskin infantry unit has one MeltaCharge for use against buildings, bunkers, and other structures. It may not be used against vehicles.


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