The Battle of Batylskar

Batylskar was perhaps the most fought-over world in all known space. Some said the reason for this was its strategic location, or its precious resources, or perhaps the lost ancient technology hidden in its ruins—although truth be told, Batylskar was actually a rather dull rock tucked off in the bottom right-hand corner of the Goatronium Expansions, and really had little to commend it. Others pointed to the war-ravaged planet’s very name, alluding as it did to the dreadfully violent clashes that had gouged and marked it over the eons. Ironically, as local etymologists all knew, “Batylskar” actually meant land of the pretty pink flower that flowers only once a millennium, and only then if the morning dew is just right in the local indigenous dialect, with just the slightest hint of I like you, and I want to be your friend. Never mind: there were precious few etymologists among the Orks, Tyranids, and forces of Chaos that most frequently fought here. The Imperial Guard had one or two, but they had been executed for following orders with insufficient speed while pondering when the “morning dew” might be just right.

The Battle of Batylskar—more properly known by historians (who, unlike the etymologists, ducked under the tables in the campus pub whenever Imperial Guard recruiters barged in) as The 69,137th Battle of Batylskar—took place when four competing armies all woke up to find that they had set up their forward operating bases around the same ruined city. The Orks and Tyranids quickly forged an alliance of the basis of their common hordish instincts (although some Orks would later claim that they had thought it was all about “whorish instincts,” and had been quite badly mislead). On the other side, a renegade unit of Imperial Guard forged a Renegade Alliance of their own with the nearby Chaos garrison, toasting to their newfound cooperation with a Standard Canteen of Purified Water/Individual Portion (IG inventory item #1456/KL/1) and a flagon of blood-flecked pus respectively.

Scenario Rules

Capture the Flag, 1250 points each. Each contingent has a base, in which is located a flag. This represents an objective. Objectives can be held by any Troops choice, and contested by any.

  • Imperial Guard: Forward Operating Base Valiant. Consists of raised earth ramparts (cover save 4+), surrounded by barbed wire, obstacle ditch, and mines (dangerous terrain to all).
  • Chaos Space Marines: The Defiled Temple of Pain and General Unpleasantness. Consists of a three story ruin partly surrounded by barbed wire, with the flag located on the upper story.
  • Tyranids: The NidNest. An AV13 bunker holding the eggs of the Tyranid Queen. The flag is is in the center of the nest, and can only be reached if the bunker is first destroyed (at which point it counts as difficult terrain, passable only by infantry).
  • Orks: Da Bronx. The flag is located atop an AV12 watchtower (counts as 3″ high), surrounded by makeshift fences and barriers. If the watchtower is destroyed, role scatter dice to determine where the flag lands.

In the interests of facilitating the start of the slaughter, set-up will take place in the following order: Imperial Guard, Orks, whoever arrives next, and whoever arrives last. A die will be thrown to determine which side moves first. Units should deploy in their own table quarter, and enter from reserve (or “without number”) along that half of their team’s baseline. They may infiltrate or flank on the full table, however.


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