The Battle of Batylskar (continued): the bloody details

For the scenario rules, see the earlier post here.

With Warlord and Supreme Greenskin Commander Glarsnot Bloodcurdle occupied elsewhere, command of the Orkish expeditionary force at Batylskar fell to his nephew (and Senior Mek) Bizzap Bloodcurdle.

Bizzap’s plan was cunning and complex. The Orkish fortifications at Da Bronx would be garrisoned by a unit of Lootazs, plus a small (10) unit of shoota Boyz, and a battery of two Lobbaz (click photos to expand). The main Ork mob (25) would be located on the right flank of Da Bronx, where they would move through a large ruined building to approach the Imperial Guard positions under cover. Bizzap and his bodyguard of elite (meaning, “expendable”) Grots would hang back, so that the Mek could provide additional fire support with his Shokk Attack Gun. Most important of all, four units would be held in reserve: Boss Snikrot and a sneakymob (14) of Kommandoz; two Deffkoptaz; and a Trukk mob of ‘Ard Boyz. This would prevent the Imperial Guard from shredding the entire Ork force too soon with their substantial fire-power. More important still, Snikrot’s mob would storm the hummie fortifications from the rear, while the Deffkoptz would swoop in from the flank (hopefully) to harass the defenders, and the ‘Ard Boyz would dash forward to reinforce the Kommandoz and secure the objective.

Further to the Orkish right, the Tyranids deployed. They had changed since Bizzap had last seen them… they seemed to be able to spawn Termagaunts at will! He paid little attention to this, however, and even less to the Chaos Space Marines who seemed to have heavily garrisoned the Defiled Temple of Pain and General Unpleasantness with Plague Marines and Terminators.

Instead, his attention was on the Imperial Guard facing him, and their Forward Operating Base Valiant.

The base itself was garrisoned by two Infantry squads, a Heavy Bolter squad, a Missile squad, and a Company Command squad. To its right flank was the Imperial Guard armour—a Leman Russ Executioner and a Medusa—plus two Autocannon squads. To the left flank of the FOB were two Penal Legion squads, a Platoon Command squad, and a unit of Ratlings. The hummie strategy seemed clear and potentially deadly: to pound Da Bronx with massed heavy weapons and ordnance fire, while the penal squads seized the ruins and the Ratlings acted in reserve.

Turn 1

The Renegade Alliance gained initiative over The Horde, and moved first. As predicted, Imperial Guard fire pounded the greenskin fortifications, killing most of the Lootaz. However, the ramshackle (AV12) Orkish watchtower—with the flag on top and a mob of Boyz inside—withstood no fewer than 6 hits from the tank, Medusa siege cannon, infantry missiles and autocannon, and yet remained intact. Clearly Mork (or perhaps Gork) was smiling on the greenskins today!

The Orks returned fire. The Shokk Attack Gun and few remaining Lootaz were devastating, killing three autocannon teams and breaking both units. The Lobba battery found the range of the hummies, killing a half dozen more. The large Ork mob advanced, and began to fire on the Penal Legion squads on the far side of the ruins.

Meanwhile the Nids and Chaos advanced and shot at each other. Rhinos sped forward. Gaunts ran forward. Zoanthropes did some clever things they didn’t used to be able to do. One very large demon and one very large bug warily approached each other in the vicinity of a ruined building.

Bizzap still wasn’t paying much attention, however. Instead he sent a secret coded message to Boss Snikrot and his Kommandoz. Soon the Orkish trap would be sprung.

Turn 2

The Imperial Guard continued to pour fire into Da Bronx, although with two Autocannon squads now retreating this was rather less effective than hoped. The watchtower was hit at least twice more, but with little more effect than temporarily stunning those inside. The remainder of the Loota mob was finished off by the Heavy Bolters, however. The Penal Legion advanced into the ruins, pouring fire into the Orks, killing several.

A Deffkopta suddenly swooped in from the flank, opening fire on the Leman Russ but to no effect. The loud noise made by this and all of the human heavy weapons undoubtedly helped cover the sound of rustling grass as the mob of Commandoz crept forward. Suddenly, at Snikrot’s signal, they rushed forward into the Imperial Guard rear, ambitiously and simultaneously assaulting the Medusa, the Leman Russ, and both Autocannon squads. Within minutes, both squads had been slaughtered, the Medusa was in flames, and the one remaining tank—while still operable—was both stunned and had lost its main weapon.

Turn 3

The Imperial Guard anxiously turned their guns on Snikrot and his boyz, killing several but far from all of them. One Penal Legion squad had started to fall back after taking heavy fire from the Boyz and Lobbaz, but the other ran through the ruins in an attempt to assault the Orks. It fell just short, and was charged in turn by the large Ork mob, who cut them down with no survivors.

Chaos forces atop the Defiled Temple of Pain and General Unpleasantness fired at the Ork Watchtower, hitting it with a Lascannon but doing no damage. Bizzap retaliated by turning his Shokk Attack Gun at the dark, oozing edifice–but the missing the Chaos headquarters entirely.

Suddenly, there was a squeal of tires as the ‘Ard Boyz arrived out of reserve and raced down the main road, positioning themselves in the middle of the battlefield. A second Deffkopta arrived, and hit the Leman Russ–but failed to penetrate. Snikrot, who by this point was enjoying himself immensely, signalled for his sneakyboyz to charge once more, assaulting both the tank and the Missile squad. The former was ripped apart by the Kommando boss, while the heavy weapons squad was cut down with choppaz.

Meanwhile back in Da Bronx, the Orks in the watchtower looked on in amazement. They hadn’t much expected to survive the battle: as it was, they had been fired upon almost two dozen times, and had taken nine hits. However, despite a few holes in the wall that hadn’t been there before they were all still intact.

Turn 4

The Imperial Guard in FOB Valiant once more fired at Snikrot, leaving him with only three sneakyboyz at his side now. However, their morale held, and they charged down into the centre of the fort, assaulting the Command squad there. One of the Deffkoptaz charged the remnants of an Infantry squad, while the second fired upon the Heavy Bolter squad.

The Ratlings opened fire on the Trukk, hoping for some rending shots, but did no damage. As the Boyz advanced through the ruins, the Trukk sped forward and disgorged its ‘Ard Boyz, who immediately assaulted both a Command Squad and a few Penal stragglers. All were chopped up with choppaz, and the Boyz consolidated forward to the very edge of the FOB.

Bizzap once more fired on the Chaos headquarters. This time—likely due to capacitor flux-feedback in the tertiary phase array coils, or possible just a loose piece of electrical tape somewhere—he found himself materializing in the middle of the Chaos position, inches from the Chaos flag and facing some very surprised Chaos Plague Marines. A bitter hand to hand-to-hand fight ensued which would leave the Mek wounded, but the Chaos objective compromised and the Marines tied up in a melee.

By this time, the Nids had destroyed both Rhinos and their contents, and a massive wave of Gaunts—continually reinforced by the apparently very pregnant Tervigon—were swarming towards the Defiled Temple, making various bloodthirsty nid-noises and gnashing their almost innumerable teeth. Indeed, such was their excitement that even the unit of Gaunts garrisoning the Nid Nest ran forward to join them.

Turn 5

With little hope of making it back to FOB Valiant, the Ratlings hurried to assist their Chaos allies, taking shelter in a crater. They were soon pounded with fire from the Lobbaz and Nids.

Bizzap’s tenure as a Greenskin Supreme Warboss would turn out to be much shorter than that of Uncle Glarsnot, as he was killed by the pestilent Plague Marines atop the Defiled Temple of Pain and General Unpleasantness. Down below, Tyrnanid forces (backed up by a single Ork Trukk) poured fire into temple’s three squads of heavily-armoured defenders, and readied a final assault.

Rather amused by their boss’ demise, the unit of Grots began to advance, while singing ribald Grot drinking songs.

Meanwhile back at the Imperial Guard base, several melees were in progress. The Command Squad was cut down by the remaining Kommandoz, who then flamed and assaulted the remaining Heavy Weapons Squad and wiped that out too. A Waaagh! was declared, allowing the ‘Ard Boyz to run up and into the base (losing three of their number to the minefield and razorwire), and there join the Deffkopta in fighting the few remaining hummie infantry. When these were finished off, the Boyz consolidated around the Imperial Guard flag, capturing it.

And so the battle ended, with the Ork overrun of Forward Operating Base Valiant securing a victory for The Horde. It was a good thing too: the Tyranid Hive Mind was apparently several synapses short of a full load, and it transpired that in advancing the Gaunt garrison from the Nid Nest they had left their flag (a scenario objective) further than 3″ from the nearest Troop unit and hence unsecured! Never send a bug to do an Ork’s work.

This was a very good game. The hummies fought hard, and Orks were extremely lucky that the initial turn of Imperial Guard fire didn’t do more damage. It was certainly nothing short of miraculous that the AV 12 watchtower survived 5 turns and so many hits intact. While it would have been nice to have landed a couple of SAG templates on the Defiled Temple of Pain and General Unpleasantness, Bizzap actually proved quite a distraction when he materialized in the midst of the Chaos HQ. The Lobbaz, as they have in the past, proved well worth their points against Imperial Guard infantry, the main mob of shoota Boyz soaked up considerable damage and kept on coming, and the speed and hitting power of Trukk-mounted `Ard Boyz was once again critical in exploiting gaps in enemy defences.

The real greenskin hero of the game, however, was undoubtedly Boss Snikrot and his band of Kommandoz. This mob alone destroyed two armoured vehicles, most of four heavy weapons squads, and a command squad, breaking down the defences of FOB Valiant and allowing other Ork units to advance to secure it. Huzz-waaagh!


One thought on “The Battle of Batylskar (continued): the bloody details

  1. Hi Rex,

    Wow! If you ever get tired of your current employ – I think you could be offered a job at Games Workshop Marketing!!! Callum came home yesterday, defeated but still smiling and muttering something under his breath about needing some wood carving tools to build a new tank or something…..

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