Orkapalyse (in four parts)

My friend Jason—better known as the Dark Forces of Chaos—has posted a four part video to YouTube describing Orkmas Slaughter 2009, an apocalypse battle that we held back in December pitting 2,000 points of Orks and 2,000 points of (Howling Gryphon) Space Marines against a similar-sized alliance of Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines. You’ll find the scenario rules already posted here, set to the rhyme of The Night Before Christmas.

Ironically, although the Chaos-Nid alliance claimed they didn’t know we would be fielding super-heavies, I hurriedly built the Stompa (in a day) because I was expecting a Chaos Baneblade on the battlefield. Such is the stuff that arms races are made of.

In addition to the Stompa, I was fielding a squad of Grots (to hold our bunker), a large mob of Shoota Boyz, a Trukk mob of ‘Ard Boyz, a second Trukk Mob of MegaNobz (plus Warboss Glarsnot Bloodcurdle himself), Kommandoz, a Big Mek +KFF, and some Deffkoptaz. Our initial plan was to drop two pods of Marines, a Dreadnought, and an infiltrated mob of Kommandoz onto “Refinery Island.” We would then aim to hold our bunker, the nearest bridge, and refinery itself, while contesting the other bridge and the city centre. If it worked, we would win 3-1.

Early on, we rained fire down on the lead Hive Tyrant, trying to kill it and de-synapse some of the Nids. That worked too.

As you can see, the oversized Imperial cockroach-titan (apparently, from “a galaxy far, far away”) didn’t last long, having been hit the the flank by a mob of hungry Carnifexes. On the other hand, the custom Big Mek Stompa performed awesomely, destroying two Rhinos, immobilizing a Landraider (for my Warboss to finish off), killing three Carnifexes plus half a Hive Tyrant and retinue, as well as a half dozen or more Chaos Space Marines and several Gaunts.The Stompa had the Big Mek inside with a KFF, making it particularly resistant (KFF save + 2 AV 12 Power Fields + AV13) to fire from a distance, and as it turned out it was only hit a handful of times in the games, none of which got past the KFF. It might have had problems if anyone who could penetrate its armour approached close enough to assault, but that didn’t happen—in part because I kept it in the center of the board, and well protected.

My Orks did get hit by a rather large flanking/rear attack by Chaos Raptors, a Landraider + troops, and a Demon. Fortunately my two Trukk Mobz were able to stop it, backed up by firepower from the Stompa.

I took Replacements as my Strategic Asset, planning on bringing back the Stompa if it was destroyed. As it turned out, it wasn’t—allowing me to use the asset instead to bring the large mob of Ork Boyz which had been chewed up by the ‘fexes in the meantime.

The fourth part of the video is a little confusing, since some of Turn One seems to be spliced into it. Ah well, that’s what puts that chaos in Chaos, and kudos to Jason to making the video regardless! Suffice it to say that the Ork-Marine alliance emerged victorious.



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