World Waaagh II: The Orkandy Landings

As part of the World Waaagh II series of battles, I’m hoping to recreate G-Day, the famous greenskin amphibious landings on the beaches of Orkandy. (Those who of you who have seen the movie Saving Private Grot will know what I mean).

First step—I need landing craft. I found a dozen of these, very cheap:

And with some quick paint and modifications, they’ve become these rather Orkier ones:

I’ll probably treat them as slower Trukks, but with twin-linked AA Big Shootas and Grot Riggers. My opponent has picked up three larger landing craft for vehicles.

Next step: the beach (I’m torn between doing Sword, Juno, and something more abstract.. plus I still have to make it). And then there is finding the  time…


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