SGW Bloodcurdle Opens Red Orktober Factory

*cue patriotic Orkish music*

Taking a break from a busy schedule of raiding, pillaging, and more raiding, Supreme Greenskin Warboss Glarsnot Bloodcurdle today visited the city of Orkingrad to open a new Big Mek weapons production center. While there he declared that the city would never fall to the Imperial invaders. “Da hummies will be crushed under da metal footsies and da big snappy klaws of da Kans and da Deff Dreads made ‘ere in dis faktory!” he announced, as staff at the Red Orktober Traktor Faktory applauded and cheered (Picture below: Glarsnot Bloodcurdle declares the Red Orktober Traktor Faktory open.)

Following the opening ceremony, SGW Bloodcurdle as given a tour of the facility by the chief Mek and his team. Built using state-of-the-art technology (stolen from others) as well as advanced materials (looted from various Imperial planets), the Red Orktober Traktor Faktory features a full automated assembly line, with grots standing in for actual automation. It is capable of producing most anything, and especially anythings that look and behave quite differently from designed, intended and/or previously produced. In a testimony to superior Orkish Mek engineering, the efficient prodding of the Grot Herders, and quite a few safety-shortcuts, the entire facility was completed a mere three months after its predecessor faktory was destroyed in a tragic Shok Attack Gun accident.

With Imperial Forces advancing towards Orkingrad, it may be only a matter of time before the Faktory—and the city’s fearless greenskin defenders—are put to the test. Said the Supreme Greenskin Warlord, “My boyz will dig da graves of all dem der facisty-hummie-aggressors. Waaagh!”


One thought on “SGW Bloodcurdle Opens Red Orktober Factory

  1. Very funny post and a great piece of scenery. One day I hope my little warband will be able to steal err I mean build such ‘uge faktorees.

    PS: I think you should add photo captions ie:
    Photo credit: The Daily Orkspress

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