Ork transports

While Supreme Greenskin Warboss Glarsonot Bloodcurdle is infamous across the Goatronium Expansions for his savage battle skills, he is also known for something else, too: he’s damn cheap. Very few of da West End Boyz were actually purchased from Games Workshop. Instead, most were picked up second hand, usually on eBay. Some of the specialist mobz, such as Kommandos and Tankbustas, were converted from regular boyz. Yay cheap hordes.

This doesn’t work so well when it comes to transportation, however. While I picked up one new Battlewagon kit cheapish, in general Trukks, Battlewagons, and Buggies aren’t as heavily discounted, or have prohibitively high postage costs attached.

Some time ago, I picked up a half-converted WWII model that I finished off as an Ork Buggy. Even with my own rather limited modelling skills result was much nicer than the GW model. I then bought two other vehicles (one a 1/35 scale Italeri Willys “Commando Car”, the other a 1930s roadster) and converted those. The effect looks great.

This month, I happened to see a set of four WWII era M3 half tracks models (two of them the M16 AA variant) for sale. While some Orkified WWII armour models look too much like, well, WWII models, the M3 has a very “Orky” feel with it to begin with: slab sides, simple lines, lots of rivets.

I had planned to use them as Trukks, but they’re Battlewagon in size—not because they’re oversized, but because the proper GW Battlewagon is rather small for what is supposed to be a large armoured vehicle that fits up to 20 boyz. I’ll probably use them as open-topped transport Battlewagons most of the time, and free up my “proper” Battlewagon for shooty stuff.

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Conversion was simple: some extra armour, other stuff, and an Ork crew. The guns on the M16 version had their barrels enlarged so that they can be used as Flakka-Dakka Trukks in Apocalypse games. I also built a removable stage, so that one could carry my Ork Rok Band into battle. Someone with more time, modelling skill, and money could to a much better job on these, but heck: they cost $6.50 each.


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