The Island of Doctor Morork

Doctor Morork was undoubtedly one of the finest medi-Mekanical minds that the Greenskins worlds had known in some time. His revolutionary views regarding the untapped potential of the lowly Grot, however, had led to mockery, ridicule, and harassment. Hounded for his scientific beliefs, Dr. Morork and a select group of Mek minions sought refuge in the very fringes of the Goatronium Expansions. There they established a secret laboratory deep within a semi-active volcano on a distant jungle island, living among a local tribe of indigenous Feral Grots and continuing their various unorthodox experiments.

Usually orthodoxy is not such a big thing among Orks. However, putting forward the heretical notion that Grots should be treated as equals—and, indeed, could be the backbone of an elite fighting force—was too much for the Warbosses-that-be. There had been tales of Grot rebellions before, although no one dared speak of them openly. An Orkish Inquisitor was thus dispatched at the head of an Ork Army to put an end to the scientific heresies of Dr. Morork, and snuff out all traces of an incipient Grotshevik Revolution.

Terrain: Jungle island! Feral Grot village with idol! Secret Volcano laboratory! What more do you want?

Forces: 2,500 points each. This includes Dr. Morork’s mysterious secret weapon, controlled from deep within his hidden laboratory.

Special Scenario Rules: Grot and Feral Grrot rules here. Also, the jungle is dangerous! When dicing to move through difficult terrain, if any die shows a “1” consult the following table. Units rolling an extra die (for example, because of the Move Through Cover Special rule) may choose to reroll once on the table.





Idol of Chorkk – Powerful mojo continues to flow from this dusty idol of a dead (?) god. Unit may re-roll failed saves in one Shooting or Assault phase.


Malodorous Mushrooms – Don’t eat those! Unit suffers D3 Wounds (as Power Weapons).


Dead Adventurer’s Apparel – A sweet hat and a cool whip. This stuff probably belongs in a museum. For the rest of the game, when the unit would normally have to roll on this table, the unit may choose not to roll.


Razor-tailed spike-skinned Terrorbeast – This savage predator uses hit-and-run tactics and kills for pleasure. Unit takes D6 hits(S6, Rending).


Stranglevine – Thorny, poisonous and largely misunderstood, this plant just wants a hug.  Unit must immediately make a  Pinning Test.


Pygmy Headhunters – These tiny, jabbering tribals strike from the shadows with poisoned darts. Unit suffers D6+2 ranged Poison attacks (BS 4, SX, AP -).


 Murder of Tikbalangs – A flock of hungry, ill-tempered scavengers descends in a mass of flapping wings and flashing talons – Run! Unit takes D6 hits (S3). Then roll a scatter die. The unit moves D3” in the indicated direction ( If the die shows ‘Hit’, the unit does not move).


 A Thicket of Tangleshoot – This stuff catches on everything.  The unit’s Difficult Terrain result is halved (min. 1”), and it may not Run in the next Shooting Phase.


 Wild Face-Eating Squig – Prized as pets among da Boyz, these ravenous brutes will eat the face right off your skull!  Unit takes 1 hit (S8, AP 5). If no wound is inflicted (or if the wound is saved) the unit leader gains 1 Attack Squig.


A Rusty Old Bomb – Where did this come from? And why is there a family of squigs nesting beneath it? Roll 1D6.1-4: Opponent places a blast template over the unit (no scatter) and inflicts S4 AP 6 hits as normal.5+: Unit receives 1 Bomb Squig.


Hunter’s Trail – Overgrown and littered with bones. Still easier than hacking through the underbrush.

Unit may move an additional D3+1” this turn.

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