Scavenging ZX1329


The jungle planet of ZX1329 was colonized decades ago by the Imperium, which built there great factories to exploit its plentiful biological and other natural resources, as well as to extract its plentiful reserves of Goatronium. However, something happened: an undiscovered organism perhaps, or industrial pollutants and genetic mutation, or even a dangerous experiment gone wrong. Whatever it was, the flora turned deadly, with the lush vegetation producing a range of pathogens and biotoxins that rendered the planet unsafe for any form of human settlement. ZX1329 was abandoned, and the jungle soon reclaimed the buildings and machinery left behind.

Fungus-based Orkish biology is rather more robust, however. When greenskin scouts stumbled upon ZX1329 and discovered it was ripe for scavenging, word soon got around that there was ordz o’ gubbins ‘and nosh fer da takin’. It wasn’t long before two large scavenging parties descended upon it. One of these belonged to infamous Warboss Krizmurk the Destroyer,  the other to the renegade cybernetic leader of the Great Grot Socialist Revolution, Doctor Morork. The two were bitter enemies, and as committed to destroying each other as to looting the abandoned industrial zones of the planet…

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