Orkmas 2016


Deep in the farthest reaches of the Goatronium Expansions, cloaked by radioactive emissions and well beyond the range of Imperial and Eldar sensors, a creature of metal and energy and genocidal consciousness surveyed the scene before it. Sa’Nta, awoken Necron Overlord of the ancient Tomb Word of Nnrdpy’ul, was pleased—or, at least, experienced the cybernetic version of that sentient emotion.

The Red Harvest had been completed, and the planet purged of its biological lifeforms. Resources had been ripped from the planet’s surface and indeed from its core, including rare Goatronium isotope. An ever-increasing number of drones and warriors had been reanimated, and now toiled to reconstruct and operate the great factories.

Soon, the animation matrix would be finished and production would begin once more, as it had in the time of the ancient Kryng’ell Dynasty and the Great Lords of Krist-Ma-S: endless swarms of festive robotic scarabs, enough to fuel the murderous stalkings of every Necron bot and droid.


The universe had better watch out, thought the Overlord as it calculated the options and parameters of conquest and expansion. Soon it would cry . Sa’Nta’s hordes were coming to slay.


The Great Scarab Animation Matrix of Nnrdpy’ul, complete with its festive synethetic trees of Krist-Ma-S.

However, the Necron’s preparations had not gone entirely unnoticed. Doctor Morork and his renegade band of rebel Grots had detected the clearing of the planet and the construction of the great factory. They had no particular desire to save bourgeois Imperial society from the wrath of the machines—indeed, it seemed somewhat appropriate, given the role of mindless mechanization in aggravating the exploitation of the working class, that the Necrons should bring the rotting edifice of late Imperial capitalism crashing down. Nor did they care much whether Eldar Craftworlds and their feudal, imperialist societies were consumed by robotic spyders. However, the technology on Nnrdpy’ul was beyond anything they had encountered before. It held great promise for aiding the revolutionary cause. It also held a very personal interest to Doctor Morork, who himself had been reduced to bodyless existence as a cybernetic entity in the struggle against the Ork warlords. His mind hummed, and gave the order to attack to his loyal aide Mekrex da Fixer. The great proletarian revolution was on the move.

* * *

Warboss Waarghyll and Warboss Waaaghdrew could agree on very little: the best sorts of fungus; whether humies were best dakka-ed then krumped, or krumped then dakka-ed; if it was more fun to throw Grots or kick them, or even whether Mork or Gork was responsible for the glorious thing that was snot. However, they liked loot, and Doctor Morork had a very sizeable bounty on his head (or mind, since his head had long since vanished).


Thus, when the Grots made their way towards Nnrdpy’ul, they and their foot-sloggin’ boyz followed.”Lets go ‘n stomp dem rebel runts,” bellowed Waarghyll as they approached the planet.”Ya, ‘n after dat we kan take deyr stuff!” chortled Waaaghdrew. It was only as their mob moved closer that they saw the great Necron factory rising from the surface of the planet. They didn’t mind. These were very much Orks of the old school, and more enemies only meant more to krump and loot.

IMG_4648 2.jpg

Warbosses and Waaarghyll and Waaaghndrew scout the Necron factory from afar as they plot their attack.

Warboss Wazztom da Dakkaking hated Grots. Indeed, he even refused to pick his teeth with them in defiance of Ork custom. He hated Waarghyll and Waaaghdrew just as much, however. The two warbands had long been rivals, for loot and glory. His plan was brutal but kunnin’: he would wait until the rival Orks and rebel Grots were locked in combat, and then swoop in with is mechanized mob, kill everyone, and take their junk.


There was, however, a very large number of Necrons to be considered. Ahh well, he would be in and out before they even noticed. And some of that Necron tech looked like just the sort of thing his meks could make good use of…

Scenario Rules

Three objectives are placed within or near the Necron deployment area. Turn sequence is as follows:

  1. Necrons
  2. Grots
  3. Orks (simultaneous, or random order if sequential moves are required by situation).

Necrons (3000 points)

  • d6 points for each objective held at end of game.
  • Roll d6 each turn, plus an additional d6 for each objective still under control. For each 5 or 6, add one Scarab to the Reanimation Matrix.
  • Fence counts as tanglewire (dangerous terrain, 6+ cover save)
  • Appropriate detachment/formation rules.

Doctor Morork and Mekrex da Fixeruppa (2250 points)

  • d4 points for each objective held at end of game.
  • One point for each Warboss slain.
  • One point for each Necron unit destroyed in close combat by Grots.
  • Counts as Combined Arms detachment (objective secured)

Warboss Waarghyll and Warboss Waaaghdrew (1750 points)

  • d3 points for each objective held at end of game.
  • One points for each Warboss slain.
  • One point for every three enemy units destroyed.
  • Counts as Ork Warband formation (Waaagh every turn after first).

Warboss Wazztom da Dakkaking (1750 points)

  • d3 points for each objective held at end of game.
  • One points for each Warboss slain.
  • One point for every three enemy units destroyed.
  • Counts as Combined Arms detachment (objective secured)

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