A very krumpy Orkmas

And so it was that three greenskin warbands—two of Orks, and one of rebel Grots—descended upon the Necron toy scarab factory on the frozen Tomb Word of Nnrdpy’ul. While the approaching armies collectively outnumbered the facility’s cybernetic defenders almost two-to-one, Necron Overlord Sa’Nta was certain (to a 95.7% level of confidence)  that the Orks’ inferior discipline, order, and unity of purpose would result in their defeat.


The Necrons prepare to defend the factory. The large circular object in the centre is the scarab reanimation matrix. The gold (left) and red (centre) conical features are goatronium energy arrays, which power the facility and are key objectives in the coming battle.

In the centre of the battlefield, Doctor Morork deployed his Morkanaut and Gorkanaut, as well as a number of Grot Tanks and Killa Kans. No sooner than he done so, however, when large ork forces appeared on his left and right flanks, eager to take on rebel Grots and Necrons alike. To the left, Warboss Waarghyll and Warboss Waaaghndrew urged on their massive foot-slogging Ork army. To the right, Warboss Wazztom da Dakkaking led a mechanized group of Warbikers, ‘Ard Boyz and Meganobz eager to crush all beneath them.


Doctor Morork’s downloaded consciousness surveys the battlefield from within his Morkanaut. 


Doubtless the sight of the mighty Gorkanaut and Morkanaut would strike fear in Necron hearts, if Necrons had hearts.


A Kustom Megag-kannon provides covering fire as a Grot Megatank trundles across the bridge.


Grots surge forward across the frozen river. 


Grot surfboard-riders performed tricks to amuse the proletarian masses.


A unit of Grot Tanks warily eyes rival Orks in the distance.


The Grots, of course, were imbued with an unshakeable revolutionary spirit!


Necron Warriors, Immortals,  and Flayed Ones await the greenskin assault.


More Necrons, ready to reinforce the front lines.


Warboss Waaaghdrew urges on his Boyz—from the rear. The Trukks would soon be taken down by Necron fire, forcing everyone to slog their way over the tanglewire and into the factory.


Wazztom da Dakkaking’s Warbikers and Buggies are confronted by Scarabs. Most of the bikers would go down, but their Nob would survive and go on a rampage within the Necron positions.


Morale was high among the mechanized greenskins.


Immortals await the Ork assault.


The Necron Wraiths advance.


While the full firepower of the Morkanaut, Gorkanaut, and MegaTank would all be unleashed on the approaching Necron Wraiths, this would barely make a dent. A little later, however, the Grots would gun one down all by themselves, and celebrate with much revolutionary squeakiness.


Lobbas and Grotzooka-armed Grot tanks rain fire down upon the Necrons, destroying one unit of Immortals and damaging several others.


Wazztom sends his Deffkotas to deal with the Wraiths, but they do little damage. A turn later, they are charged by the Wraiths and wiped out.


The Grots, nervous at the proximity of Warboss Waaarghyl’s Burna Boyz, open fire on them, killing most. The survivors began attacking Grot Tanks.


Warboss Waaaghndrew leads his Slugga Boyz across the wire and into the factory.


The fight at the factory goes poorly for the Orks–the Flayed Ones refuse to die. The Ork unit is eventually wiped out, and Warboss Waaaghndrew with it.


Tomwazzz da Dakkaking has rather more success, with his ‘Ard Boys successfully assaulting the objective and destroying its Necron defenders. Shorty thereafter, Zagstruck and the Stormboyz deepstrike near another objective (right).


The Grot MeagaTank presses on, belching smoke and gunnery.


The battle approaches a crescendo. At this critical juncture several Ork units swing to their left and assault the Grot rebels.


The Kommandos arrived, cunningly camouflaged on this icy world with giant palm fronds. Angered by Grot treachery, Waaarghyl and Waaaghndrew order them to assault the rear of the rebel formation, where they would wipe out a battery of Lobbas and a unit of Grots.

The game was ultimately narrowly won by Wazzztom the Dakkaking on points, after the Grots destroyed a Necron Triarch Stalker on the scarab reanimation matrix, and the Orks then drove the Grots back from the central objective.

The Necrons placed second, and it was generally agreed that had the game gone one more turn (as originally planned) they would have triumphed. Warboss Waaarghyl placed third, while the Grots came in last—the consequence, perhaps, of their sneak attack on the Burna Boyz earlier in the game.


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