Doctor Morork and the Great Grot Rebellion

Doctor Morork was, or is, a renegade Mek who embarked on a historic struggle to liberate the Grots from the exploitation of the Greenskin warlords. Although his/her/its (asexual, non-gendered, fungal) body was destroyed at the Battle of the Island of Doctor Morork, his/her/its consciousness lives on, downloaded into a cybernetic thing.



Rebel grot armies may select from the following units, as part of a Combined Arms Detachment.

Two to a Seat: A Grot only counts as half a model when calculating the transport capacity of a vehicle or building.

Runts-in-a-kan: Killa Kans may be counted as a Troops choice.

HQ choices (1-2)

brain_jar2Doctor Morork (Special: 100 points)

  • Doctor Morork is not a conventional character, but rather a disembodied cybernetic presence. It must be uploaded to a Stompa, Morkanaut, Gorkanaut, Mek Junka, Deff Dread, Killa Kan, Grot MegaTank, or claimed bastion. The vehicle or fortification it is uploaded  to gains Power of the Machine Spirit and It Will Not Die. If a vehicle already had It Will Not Die because of Grot Riggers, it may reroll a failed repair attempt.
  • Redundant back-ups: If the vehicle to which Doctor Morork has been uploaded is destroyed, immediately roll 3d6. If another suitable vehicle or claimed bastion is within this number of inches, Doctor Morork’s cybernetic presence is immediately transferred to this new location. Otherwise he eliminated for the duration of the game, and counts as destroyed for scoring purposes.
  • Customized software upgrades: Doctor Morork may select any two of the following warlord traits. Each trait must be chosen from a different table:
    • Tactical Traits: any
    • Command Traits: Inspiring Presence (Ldr 9), Target Priority (applies to vehicle only)
    • Personal Traits: none
    • Strategic Traits: Night Attacker; Strategic Genius; Divide to Conquer
    • Ork Traits: Bellowing Tyrant, Like a Thunderbolt, Brutal but Kunnin’ (applies to vehicle), Kunnin’ but Brutal (applies to vehicle).
    • Ork Dread Mob: Irrational Genius

Big Mek (Codex)

  • A Big Mek may take a Mek Junka (IA8) as a Dedicated Transport.

Mek (Codex)

Mad Doc Grotsnik (Codex)

Pain Boy (Codex)

Troops (2-6)

Grots (Codex) or Grot Scavengers (IA8)

  • Grot Scavengers may take a Scrap Trukk as a Dedicated Transport.

Elites (0-3)

Cyborg Slasha Mob (IA8)

Mek Junka (IA8)

Fast Attack (0-3)

Grot Tank Mob (IA8)

Grot Mega-tank (IA 8)

Blitza Bommer (Codex)

Burna Bommer (Codex)

Heavy Support (0-3)

Deff Dread (Codex)

Killa Kans (Codex)

Mek Gunz (Codex)

Lords of War (0-1)

Stompa (Codex)

Fortifications (0-1)

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